0 to 100 remix – yung eli كلمات اغنية

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life is a b-tch wit all that bullsh-t
mind so heavy feel like i’m gona lose it
f-ckin wit these losers got me going 0 to a hundred real quick make me
wanna k!ll sh-t real sh-t
i’m in the stu smoking till i can’t feel sh-t
put the pain in my bars kan u feel this
smokin dope spittin krack where the deal is
i’m hungry for success like where the meal is
i’m hungry for success like where the mill is
i want a billion and a bad-ss brazilian
who give good brain i mean shorty brilliant
cold -ss nigah don’t mean we chillin
its a cold world so f-ck ya feelings
burning good ni–as smell me wen i walk in
always loud just incase haters talkin
they don’t want red sox like boston
just because my ni–as r too cautious
word to m-th- fake ni–as make me nauseous
stay running they mouth like a faucet
who the f-ck let these fa–ts out the closet
now these ni–as like aw sh-t
nnodays off everyday gon feel like august
grind hard til u get up on ya boss sh-t
i’m working hard like i’m stuck up in the office
let em talk b-tch nigahs always gossip
like its progress that’s why they never got sh-t
talking hot sh-t i’m focused on the top b-tch
middle fingers to you haters like the cops b-tch

- yung eli كلمات اغنية