14 – yung vex كلمات اغنية

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part i

ay, made it to this age
gone through heartbreaks
and hard days
don’t f*ck with me now had a couple bad dates
thrown some bad shade
made enemies with friends from the old days

[verse 1]
it don’t revolve around yourself (nah)
looking for some help
meeting satan up in h*ll
pourin’ vodka in the milk
in the lemonade
molly, weed, lean what i crave?
crave a vape
f*cking fiend
f*cked up life
f*cked up head
nice house, nice bed
life ain’t good just cus of materialistic sh*t
man i nеver wanna love another b*tch
but i will
and that’s thе type of sh*t that make me wanna k!ll
[verse 2]
k!ll them thoughts in a old burning house
nah, i ain’t sleeping on no couch no more
nah f*ck it, every ex a wh0re
and i’m stupid as f*ck cus i go back expecting more
then the last time keep beating up my core

[verse 3]
all these people need to go away
i’m an antisocial attention grabber
get p*ssed when i’m told to be on my way
need love why you think i turned*
nah, wait for that
break for that
hate me for that
drink lean for that
i gotta thank my brother and my other brother
and that motherf*cker ourania
keep me from blowing out my brains
or maybe for all that sh*t with the pain
hold on, hold up, hold up
imma stop, aight, aight, ay

[verse 4]
i’m the protagonist and antagonist of my own story
wishing life could be easier like when she hold me
beat the sh*t out of the old me
you so f*cking boring
you can’t keep a relationship for longer then 4 weeks
you too weak
now i drink lean
getting higher then a leaf
when it’s windy

[heartknife4life 2]

ay, ay
yuh, ay
this some og motherf*cking sh*t right here
this some vex sh*t before the yung vex sh*t
ay, ay
nah, nah, nah
but the topic still like… ay
this sh*t gon’ be sad as f*ck
on a nice ass beat (what the f*ck am i doing)
heartknife4life part 2

[verse 1]
ay, ay
run it up
posted with a double cup, f*ck
hol up i think i’ve changed a lil bit
hair blonde and i ain’t got a b*tch
had to move from slitting my wrists
to learning how to f*cking spit
smoke a gram, getting lit
[verse 2]
unlike 13 y’all gotta listen
don’t waste ya time trying sh*t that
won’t help at all
by the way it’s not yo fault
get caught up in the fall
got a ton of problems
ignore that sh*t and make a call
to yo main homie say you need to pause it all
lay back with em, watch the sky
talk it out, you ain’t wanna die
for a night, for that time
keep that knife
don’t end yo self that ain’t right
anyways, next beat, new vibe
next week, new ep, f*ck a crime
with the clique you can laugh but at home you can cry

ain’t that f*cked up?

- yung vex كلمات اغنية