1990 – yungjay كلمات اغنية

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[intro: catpack]
hold up stop the beat

[verse 1: catpack]
yeah, remember me i’m in this beat beverly
i’m coming with the weaponry
and you ain’t ever a step a head of me
i’m running right past you
god d*mn dude, i’m jogging in a track suit
made from your skin and i call it half you
the rest is just cat food
what the f*ck is that itch oh yea it’s my tattoo
fresh from phase 2 i’m never misplaced dude
i’m only misplacing you, so d*mn disgraceful

[verse 2: mediumjay]
it’s tasteful now a days this world’s so wasteful
placed in society yeah its my priority
to f*ck b*tches that live in sororities
hormones activated yeah they f*ckin’ stimulated
penetrated emulated the typical education

[verse 3: catpack]
catpack recess but we ain’t playing
steady chopping up weed in my mommy’s bas*m*nt
face it we ain’t sh*t to play with
the only time you facing sh*t is when i’m sh*tting on your face b*tch
[hook: mediumjay]
fresh fresh fresh
summertime time time time

[verse 4: mediumjay]
fresh summertime man its time to unwind
super cool breeze with a fresh scent of pine
new jordan spiz*ikes with a fitted hairline
yeah its that time where the sun shine way past nine
old school will smith yeah we brought it back
only snapbacks when we rap first was a starter cap
catpack get the feed back mind your beeswax
sound of buzzing and it’s hyped like katt stax ass

[verse 5: catpack]
nasty like when a group of black cats pass gas
we a crew of cool rappers yeah we getting that ass
oh you hate us were the greatest
you’ll be on our kitty b*lls when were famous

[verse 6: mediumjay]
back to back chitchat
chrome dressed in all black
sipping, yak, cats on stacks
retro*demo brought the 90’s back
catch us with cadence in the stu you know where we at
i made this in garage band exclusive beat
but i’ll be d*mned if it winds up on mtv
sick synths, 6th sense, yeah we came passed tense
jordans with adidas throwbacks yeah we cross brands
[hook: mediumjay and catpack]

- yungjay كلمات اغنية