1st session – zingah كلمات اغنية

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ayy, yeah yeah
1st session at the crib
ayy, yeah yeah
1st session at the crib like
at the crib like

[verse 1]
she was talking like a side of a mac 9
got her at the crib talking ’bout i need to give her that (that d*ck)
talking ’bout she finna give me neck
talking ’bout she finna let me live
gotta k!ll the p*ssy
let it die a slow death like the heroes in a movie, stu’
i need a new b*tch too
tell them pull up to the stu’ twos
and that’s for me and my n*ggas
yeah, that’s for me and my n*gga
an еveryday*on*television*typе n*gga
if not for this i wouldn’t be alive, n*gga
hop in the whip i hit the gas on
she gon’ try and put that ass on me
i’m on a different with the bag talk
i think i’m running up the backlog
i’m in that ass though, ng’qeda , ng’menza awhine*e
asibe grand so, k’yaphela ntwana , lo ng’beja ng*ye

[verse 2]
fight for me please let me know yeah, if you’re lonely
i know even if you ignore me, you thinking of me
you spent a lil’ time with the homie, yhink you know me
would you stop sleeping on me? yeah
if you had a choice on how to live your life
what would you live it like? huh?
would you live it right?
would you rap, would you even write?
would you strap, would you live it la vida?
i need a…
i need a bad thing that’ll make me feel like i’m flexin’ when i’m livin’ how i need to be
i need a thang baby baby
bring your bad ass self to the crib
i want you in the league

- zingah كلمات اغنية