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at the end of the day…
i’ve been fighting all my life…
but i’m falling to my old ways…
through my god i survived…
no one else. sold out nothing on the shelf…

[verse 1]
i think this prolly like my fourteenth project
been doing rap since i was 14 off this
been dropping tapes since 2014 august
she broke my heart october 14th on text
so now or never came to fill that context
minor depression but i still made hard checks
trying my best to not become so heartless
i chose to listen to my heart more and talk less
i made it through a sequel came from the process
bartenders made the cut and the bar test
after that i left the scene for a long stretch
took some time to grow my team made some progress
then i started time to change, got inspired by the pain
it was time to break the chains
it was time to make a play
dropped a song like every day
tried to balance life with music, work, my family, god and bae
broke up every single month, barely got to take a break
it was weighing on me heavy wondered how much i could take finally had to cut it off, i been better since that day
focused solely on the mission cuz i’ve got a lot at stake
funny when you have a vision people want an intermission
when you want to break a system they don’t want you to assist ’em
and i really think my critics failed subtraction and addition
’cause i’m tryna make a difference but they tryna cause division
let that sit a minute like it’s straight up off the stove
i don’t open up to snitches that’s a crime against the code
while my ex been posting snippets, i been juggin’ on the low
i can see the bigger picture, they just lookin at the pose
kept the product non*explicit, but it’s selling like it’s dope
it won’t cost you much to listen; it’ll cost you if you don’t
i been all about my business, they been all about that bass
that’s why while you getting tickets i’ll be right here getting paid
if there’s heaven for a g i’ll be right there at the gate
take it to the third degree like i just finished my ba
i don’t need a phd to have the patience for a wait
only living in the real now that’s what i call real estate
i been rapping going hard every stanza’s looking solid
getting back into the bars like a relapsing alcoholic
man i’m back on my grit, speaking out on every topic
’cause the truth is still the truth no matter what you choose to call it so you got it homie?
these are usually thoughts that i choose to put away
people talking behind my back barely a foot away
tried to put me on my back but i wouldn’t break
asked ’em what i’m doing wrong and they couldn’t say
learning how to love when i’m not grinning
i been struggling with trust for a hot minute
i been burned so many times got the gloves fitted
feeling way too out of touch with my heart’s vision
took a call from my mentor to reignite the passion
i didn’t have to say a word ’cause he did all the bragging
he said “few men have it man, but zach you have it”
that’s a result of the practice
and i was made to be great so i knew i had to serve for it
almost sped past the narrow path had to swerve for it
freedom ain’t free, someone’s always gotta work for it
had to pay the price, never did get reimbursed for it
looked at what i’ve earned for it, cashing out nightly
nothing that they say really ever did surprise me
they be like man you too focused on that bible
always talking bout your god
my reply? well listen brother i might be
labels coming at me though i’m only 19
battle with my soul, i’m fighting to do the right thing
but i never let what i’m struggling with define me
focused on the inside man like i’m spike lee
doing this with a purpose the pen forever working
i know that i’ll be successful man it’s very certain
i’ve been passed while promotions were handed out
to coworkers i know are barely working
forget that though
’cause ever since i dropped those bars out at coast to coast
i knew i was made to do this we should have a toast
cuz my time is coming close, all my haters going ghost
shoutout skyler he a pro
you’re just in it for the bucks, listen brudda i’m a goat
weight of plans swimming round in my head while i try to stay afloat
tryna swallow my pride but i’m trying not to choke
if i die alone at least you know i lived what i wrote man
never sell my soul even for a c note man
rather die broke than die broken
i just wanna give ’em hope even if i die alone or die broke
at least i lived what i wrote man
and you can never take that away
it is written. and that’s what i been trying to do all my life man
ever since i started you know back in 2014
when i dropped my first tape man
you know when the lord first told me to start doing this man
i can’t lie who i do it for
i wanna talk to y’all for a second and let you know about me man

[verse 2]

since far from over i’ve been tryna tell the story of my life
records of the glory and the strife
differentiate between what’s statutory and what’s right
holy spirit on my side he goes before me as a light
went from nights in california scared of sleeping every night
to these days in mississippi up recording till it’s bright
got a show like every week i’m doing something on the mic
under 21 but i’m still having trouble finding time
i guess, i’m maturing on a different level
digging deeper than the surface when i pick potential
kids my age aren’t ready to commit and settle
tryna cope with the pain i’ll admit it’s stressful
my business growing but i’m growing tired
people dissing me because i stated prices
they just want a handout, like a bunch of flyers
free riders, but i won’t supply the tires
if you got desires and a dream
you gotta fight till you reach ’em yourself
you gotta grind and invest then progress in it
whether or not you receive any help
i went through times it was me on my own in my home
i felt like i was going through h*ll
i kept the faith thanks to god and his grace
he was there when i couldn’t find anyone else
and it’s now or never
3 years in i’ve never sounded better
after all i’ve done and i still survived
i might need accountants just to count my blessings
that’s right, and that’s real talk
i’ma leave you all with a real thought
we walk by faith not sight
so even if i’m lame, i still walk
that’s real
hey zach it’s mom*mom and pop*pop just calling to wish you a happy birthday. have a great day. we love you. bye

- zj mission كلمات اغنية